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These 5 Animal Videos Are Good For Nothing But Making You Smile

The internet is a bottomless chasm of facts and information that can fill you with wonder and expand your mind – or you can just...

‘Bad Dog’ Destined to Spend Life in Shelter Catches 150 Poachers in Two Years

This so-called “bad dog” is doing good in Africa, saving wildlife from poachers and putting illegal hunters behind bars. Ruger, a Labrador retriever and German...

Shelter Cats Nurse Orphaned Puppies Back to Health

Dogs may be man's best friend, but these two puppies were lucky there were also some friendly mama cats around to help them out.

Nervous Dog Turns into Joyous Mama Reunited With Lost Pups

Cora the canine was nothing but nervous until she saw her lost puppies tumble out of an animal carrier.

Thieves Return Blind Man’s Guide Dog with Note Asking, ‘Please forgive us’

A guide dog that was stolen from a blind masseur in China was returned with a note from the dognappers saying, "please forgive us".

Tennis at Brazil Open: Shelter Dogs as ‘Ball Boys’ Promote Adoptions

Shelter dogs from Sao Paolo’s slums were center court for an exhibition tennis match at the Brazil Open.

This abandoned dog can’t stop smiling happy since finding the perfect home

happiness is often something very difficult to find, but with rescue dogs this seems to have found his destination, shown by its happy smile at new home.

Dogs can sense human emotion through canines

Dogs can sense human emotion through canines

Great Dane - The divine victory

Great Dane dog is huge but quite gentle. Elegant, considerate, affectionate, they always showed patience and love to play with kids.

Pug - The gentle with your cute face

Pug dog is very personality, although they have modest size. Lively, noisy, very loyal and affectionate, cheerful and often tend satisfied with the work around the typical personality of the breed.

Instructions on how to care for cats

The lovely lovely cat always made the little excited and not feel lonely. Sometimes dad are busy at work, busy mom cooking does not have time to play with the baby, these adorable kittens will be the friend...